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I am so happy you put some of our pictures here! You did such a wonderful job and now I can send this to my friends back home in China. Thank you, thank you.

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Hello Steven:

My waterfall turned out greater than expectations could say. Your knowledge and guidance is still very appreciated and we will recommend you anytime!

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R. Chan

Dear Steven:

When I first found you on craigslist I was not sure what to expect. As a translator for Chinese businessmen I am responsible to ensure their homes here are desirable to them. Then with all the money the client wanted to spend! I was a little worried about finding the right person. Paving stones, waterfalls, sprinklers, lights and hot-tubs! I interviewed 5 people and finally gave the job to you. We have done 5 jobs together since and every one has been good. I recommend you highly!

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Brian and Susan

Hi Steve:

When you called and asked us to write a testimonial for your webpage, we were more than happy to.  As you know my family and I are still enjoying what you accomplished for our home. The fence is sturdy and the plants and waterfall are getting more compliments than ever.

What your clients should know is about the extra time and care you took in building it. Taking the kids to the nursery to let them each pick a plant of their own was brilliant! After 4 years Mike still comments on “his” monkey puzzle tree.  We recall fondly the work you did for us and are Very happy to recommend you to anyone who seeks your services.

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I wasn’t sure at first what to say when you asked me to write this but the bottom line is you and your landscaping company did a fantastic job transforming our old, beaten-up yard into something the kids are enjoying as well as my wife and I can sit quietly on the patio and watch them play. You put the finishing touch to make this a home. Thank you for you time and effort

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Steve and Zarina

Hello Steven:

I would like to recommend Pearl Landscapes as an honest, reliable company. Everyone involved with them on our job was timely and responsible.The landscape Steven created for our home is beautiful and fell well within our budget. We are extremely pleased. Thank you so much

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Gurdeep & Mercedes

When Steve asked us to write a letter of recommendation we took it very seriously. We built our custom home in 2015. It cost more than we had budgeted so when it came time to landscaping the coffers were pretty much bare. However we wanted the outside to reflect the time and effort we put into the inside of our home. After getting 2 quotes we thought we were sunk.

2 people we knew recommended Steve from Pearl Landscapes. We liked him as soon as we met him but were still wary of costs. Steve asked all the right questions right away. Do you have children? How old are they? How many cars do we have? Do we have time for or even gardening? Do you entertain? etc.

Armed with the answers Steve set out, spray paint in hand, to map out what he saw as our ideal landscape. After seeing his proposal we made some changes and began being excited about the project. From there Steve found paving stone on sale for the driveway and patio and gave us his proposed budget...we were elated. As Steve suggested we finished all of our "hardscapes" then off to the nursery we went together. In fact we wound up going to 3 nurseries (special nod to Catherine at East Richmond Nurseries) so Steve could be sure we received all the plants we wanted! He says he does it for all his clients...but we still felt special. He did not pressure us at all...we felt he truly had our best interests at heart.

At this point we were pretty much still on budget so we fessed up and told Steve we had a little money left for a pond. Steve gave us 2...with lights! Our property is thriving and the talk of all of friends (who have hired Steve since) We are VERY thankful to Steve and his men. Thanks again Steve for doing what you said would, when you said you would.

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Tom & Donna

We have built our 3rd home. We have hired Pearl Landscapes for the first time. Their price and professionalism were above the rest. I recommend them highly.

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I have been building homes for over 20 years. Steve Wood is simply one of the best tradesmen I have met.

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